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Archives - July 2020
Posted 7/31/20 12:00:00 AM by Emily Pazel

As the spread of the global pandemic continued to touch cities and hometowns all over the United States, busy streets went empty, restaurants went dark and the normal hustle and bustle of thriving cities, such as New York City, declined in a way that we never saw coming. If you live in the state of New York or anywhere near the city, you might have witnessed several changes in your town, including the collapse in the tourism industry, leaving thousands without jobs and many businesses, theaters, sightseeing tours, mass transportation services and other establishments hurting for prosperity and going back to a normal life.

With a hurting economy and social distancing guidelines established for safety precautions making it tough to get back to any kind of “normal” life, how does this affect the future of the industry going forward? Is there any hope of seeing large crowds gathering for a parade or celebration? What about all the daily sightseeing tours that bring

Posted 7/23/20 12:00:00 AM by Emily Pazel

Were you ever worried as a young child that your classmate had “cooties” and he or she could pass them onto you by giving you a hug or touching your hand? Although “cooties” is a made-up, fictitious way of describing imaginary childhood germs, it’s a concept that we learn as young children about keeping our hands to ourselves to slow the spread of germs around us.

Unfortunately, for all the germaphobes out there, germs are everywhere. And when we say everywhere, that’s exactly what we mean – they are in the air, on food, plants and animals, in the soil and water and just about every surface, including your own body. The good news, however, is that most germs can’t harm you because your immune system does a great job of fighting them off and protecting you against most infectious agents. However, there are some occurrences where germs can get tricky and mutate into something your body can’t handle, which can cause you to