NYS Required Courses

NYRequirements.com offers the required certificates for medical professionals in New York State. Both of these courses are listed below. The Child Abuse: New York Mandated Reporter Training course is required by a multitude of professions, including medical related professionals:

Child Abuse: New York Mandated Reporter Training - 2 Contact Hours

This course follows the required curriculum and materials provided in the mandated reporter trainer's resource guide, identifying and reporting child abuse and maltreatment/neglect, which was developed by the research foundation of SUNY/BSC/C DHS.

Infection Control and Barrier Precautions - 4 Contact Hours

The purpose of this course is to prepare healthcare professionals to adhere to scientifically accepted principles and practices of infection control, understand modes and mechanisms of transmission, understand the use of engineering and work practice controls, select and use appropriate barrier protections, create and maintain a safe environment, and prevent and manage infectious and communicable diseases.