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New Research Shows Child Abuse Deaths Rise

Child abuse fatalities are rising, especially in Texas and Indiana, according to recent reports.  

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released a Child Maltreatment 2016 report in early February 2018. The report, which covers the 2016 fiscal year, shows a 7 percent increase in child deaths related to abuse when compared to 2015.

The 49 states that participated reported 1,700 fatalities as a result of child maltreatment. In 2015, there were 1,589 fatalities reported, according to a news release.

“Helping state c

FDA Approves First Breast Cancer Drug to Treat BRCA Gene Mutation

The National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 252,700 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in just this year alone.

Of those affected, about 40,600 people will die of the disease, but a new drug may help bring those numbers down and give a fighting chance to those battling the most common form of cancer in the U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration approved AstraZeneca’s Lynparza,  on January 12, 2018 to help treat those impacted by breast cancer.

It is the first time ever that a drug has been approved to help treat patients with metastatic breast cancer who also have a BRCA gene muta

15 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy

The secret to living a longer life may be based on what country you call home.

Research shows if you’re living in Canada, Australia, France or Switzerland, chances are you’re living years longer than people in the United States, Thailand, Mexico and even Costa Rica.

The World Economic Forum released data showing how long people in different countries typically live.

The report compiles 137 countries across the globe, with the United States ranking 37th on the list. You can browse the list

Prick-free Options for Monitoring Diabetes

Diabetics have had to prick their fingers for years in order to monitor their blood sugar. Thanks to modern science, a prick-free future may be on the horizon in the world of diabetes.

In recent years, researchers have discovered multiple prick-free options so diabetics can have alternatives. The problem is that the pain of finger pricks discourages many people with diabetes from managing their blood sugar.

As many as 67 percent of people with diabetes may not comply with finger pricks because it is invasive and somewhat painful, according to an American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists news release. However, tho

Virtual Reality Surgery Closes the Training Gap

With an increasing number of procedures in residency, combined with decreased operating room time, more than 20 percent of medical graduates are unable to operate independently, according to an Osso VR press release.

To bridge the growing training gap among surgeons, Dr. Justin Barad and Matt Newport founded Osso VR in August 2016. The software company builds a virtual reality-based surgical training platform that allows students, and even established doctors, to get hands-on experience with new procedures.

Users can put VR headsets on and begin simulating any surgical procedure, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. Osso VR allows use