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9 New Discoveries Set to Change Medicine

The number of important medical discoveries at Harvard Medical School since the 1970s has more than quadrupled when compared to the previous 150 years. The pace of medical technology advancement clips along quite rapidly. Here are nine recent or pending discoveries and what they mean for the future of medicine.

1. 3D Medical Imaging

It’s no secret that the medical community faces a shortage of physicians, sometimes due to the intense, difficult nature of medical school.

Treating Addiction as a Disease

In 2015, 16.3 people per 100,000 died of drug overdoses. That was more than 2.5 times the rate in 1999.Recent reports suggest that number is only getting worse.

In the face of this epidemic, researchers struggle to find a solution. From the disaster that was the DARE program to the mixed bag that is the War on Drugs, you cannot say that the crisis comes from lac

Exploring America’s Opioid Epidemic

Chances are you or someone you know has been prescribed opioids. Opioids are any number of substances, legal or otherwise, used to alleviate moderate to severe pain. If you’ve ever incurred a serious injury or are recovering from surgery, your doctor more than likely handed you a prescription for this medicine with a specific set of guidelines on when and how to take them.

When used properly, opioids are an effective and generally safe method for short-term management of more serious types of pain—they reduce suffering and invoke a level of sedation to help patients keep their minds off the pain.

Recently, though, opioids have b

The Dangers of Stress: Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

It’s the same routine every day: Your alarm goes off, jolting you awake and immediately kicking your body into overdrive to begin the day. Frantically, you jump in the shower and then throw together an outfit for the day, all while murmuring the talking points of the presentation you have to give to that big client today. You make the rounds to get the kids up and moving, and as they drag their feet getting ready, you whip together a quick breakfast for them. You yell upstairs that there’s food in the kitchen and to make sure not to miss the bus. You rush to your car to drive to work and of course traffic is horrible. It takes every fiber of your being to refrain from shouting “Go!” every 30 seconds to the car in front of you. You finally pull into the parking garage at work, and as you turn off the car, you sigh because you just remembered that PTA meeting you have to attend tonight. Not to mention you left you

Holistic Health and Burn Treatment

You have no doubt incurred some sort of burn in your lifetime. Whether you’ve scalded your hand with boiling water while cooking, developed a blistering sunburn after a long day at the beach, or something worse, burns can range from slight annoyance to life-threatening.

Thanks to advances in medicine and our overall understanding of what happens when a person gets burned, we are now more than ever better equipped to treat victims of burns. This has drastically decreased the mortality rate that we see from severe burns today—in 1952, victims of more than 50 percent total body surface area burns had only a 50 percent chance of