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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
Posted by Norlyn Golez

Having trouble conceiving? It can be quite frustrating having to wait for months or years for  some good news, while it seems too easy for other couples to get pregnant. It’s still hard for  experts to determine what could be the reason behind this. However, there are some tips that  may increase your chances of finally having a baby, including the following:

  • Get over your soda addiction. Two or more servings of soda reduce women’s ability to conceive by 16%.

  • Take better care of your teeth. Women with gum disease may delay your conception by two more months. Dental health should be maintained if you want to get pregnant fast.

  • Reduce TV time for him. Spending over 20 hours watching TV can reduce your man’s sperm count as much as 44%.

  • Sleep better. IVF treatments are best supported with seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

  • Control chronic anxiety. High stress levels prevent women from ovulating.

  • Lose weight. Overweight or obese men usually have lower sperm counts and concentration.

  • Relax your exercise regimen a bit. Slim women who exercise at least five hours a week cut 42% off their odds of getting pregnant. Lay off your strenuous exercise routine a bit to give your baby a chance.

  • Ask him to stop smoking. In a study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s researchers discovered that smoking can significantly lower the quality of mens sperm.

  • Try a zero gluten diet. According to a Columbia University research, their women subjects with mysterious cases of infertility are suffering from celiac disease. These women have antibodies that prevent the placenta from developing. But when they started on a gluten-free diet, they got pregnant within a year.

  • Tell him to change the way he carries his phone. It could be due to the mobile phone’s electromagnetic emission, but men who keep their phones on their pants or belts have reduced sperm counts. This is according to a published Environmental Working Group review.

Although there’s no guarantee that you will immediately get pregnant after following these tips, you may certainly increase your chances. Being healthy makes a difference!