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Living for 500 Years and Obliterating Cancer, Items on Google Venture’s Agenda
Posted by Kristal Roberts

Living for 500 years sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie right? That is until you here that Google Ventures executive Bill Maris is working toward making a multi-century lifespan a reality.

Maris, 40, has been working at the helm of a Google branch that allows him to focus on investing in cutting edge medicine, science and technology that’s ahead of the curve.  

In an interview with Bloomberg, Maris said, “If you ask me today, ‘Is it possible to live to 500?’ the answer is yes.”

In fact, he said we already have the life science tools to make anything we can imagine exist.

Maris was summoned by Google some seven years ago to head up their venture capital fund. At the time, Maris had sold his web development company and was working for a non-profit that was developing technology to battle cataract blindness.

Today, he’s in snuffed out a number of seminal “life science” startup companies with the potential to the health world on its head.

One of Google Venture’s latest projects includes a $130 million investment in Flat Iron health, a cloud based technology that holds cancer data collected from hospitals. According to Maris, the platform can create personalized cancer care using genetic information for future patients.

Maris said just two decades ago, cancer could only be treated by chemo, but today, you can treat it by reverse engineering a stem cell. “You can now invest in a company that will cure cancer,” he said.  

As for living for five centuries, there’s no way to confirm whether Maris’ claims were referring to the scientific findings of one newly Google owned company, or more of a prediction. The Business Insider reached out to Google Ventures for more depth on Maris’ life longevity claims, but they declined to comment.

As of today, the world’s longest living elder, Jeanne Calment, made it to 122. She died in 1997.

If you could live to 500 years and maintain an active, healthy life, would you want to live that long?

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