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Staying Out of the Nurse's Office With Fitness Tips for Kids
Posted by Julie Tortorice

Staying out of the nurse's office is always a good plan at school. Watching your diet and being active are great ways to keep from getting sick, so you won't have to visit the school nurse as often. Your food choices play a huge role in how you feel and how well your body fights off germs. Moving your body also helps keep it strong so you'll stay healthier.

Nutrition Tips

Eating well is important for your overall health. The food pyramid is a helpful tool that you can use to make good food choices. The pyramid is larger on the bottom, and this is where you'll find the foods that you should choose more often every day, such as grains, vegetables, and fruits. Next, you'll find dairy products, which contain calcium and protein. Other sources of protein are next, such as chicken, beef, and fish. Near the top, oils and fats sit in a small section because you shouldn't eat too much fat to be healthy. At the very top of the pyramid sits the dessert section; these foods need to be eaten in moderation for the best health.

Nutrition Games

Fitness Tips

You need to move your body every day to keep it strong and healthy. When you move actively, such as by running and jumping, your heart beats faster and pumps blood more forcefully throughout your body. Your heart is a muscle, so the more you make it work, the stronger it becomes. Exercising also makes the rest of your muscles stronger. Exercise every day by playing tag, climbing on the playground, jumping rope, playing basketball, running, playing hide and seek, or enjoying another favorite way to get moving.

Fitness Games

Instead of focusing on exercising every day, which can sound dull and boring, make yourself a promise that you'll spend time every day doing active things that are fun. Get outside as much as you can every day to get fresh air while you play. Don't forget to play music while you play, because this can help you amp up the energy. Before you know it, you'll be stronger and more fit.