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Being Underweight Is More Lethal Than Being Overweight
Posted by Norlyn Golez

People who are underweight are in more danger than obese people, according to a study.

Researchers concluded that extremely underweight people have double the risk of dying, based on 50 studies that were previously conducted on the subject.

Health campaigns have been so far focused on obesity, but it is also a must to ensure that there are campaigns aimed to prevent underweight problems among adults and fetuses alike. The anti-obesity campaign should be staged in a way that it would not lead to underweight problems.

The dangers of being underweight were the subject of a study that was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health.

The study was conducted on people who were monitored for five years or more. Their BMI and its relationship to fatalities were analyzed.

Dr. Joel Ray, the head of the research team, also studied how weight among stillborns and newborns are related to their death.

They found out that underweight people of any age with a BMI of 18.5 or less had 1.8 times risk of dying than people with a normal BMI

On the other hand, obese patients with a BMI of 30 to 24.9 had 1.2 times risk of dying than people with a normal BMI.

Studies showed that obese people were not at a higher risk of dying. Severely obese people were only exposed to a higher risk of dying prematurely if they had hypertension or diabetes.

Ray said that while fighting against the obesity, it is also important to maintain a healthy body size.

A person’s BMI measures both the body fat and muscle mass. Ray said that the BMI can only be safely used upon knowing that a healthy person has enough amounts of body fat, muscle, and bone. But if the concern is more about the dangers of excess body fat, then the use of BMI would not be suitable. It should be replaced by another type of measurement.

The usual causes of being underweight are drug use, alcohol use, malnourishment, poverty, smoking, and mental problems.

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